Finding the Right Office Furniture for your Office Space

Whether you are opening a new office, upgrading an old one, or just looking to create a home office; choosing office furniture should require some thought. There are many things to consider to ensure you make the right purchases when setting up your office space for the first time or when bringing new furniture in. We have provided a guide to help business owners make good decisions when finding the right office furniture for their space.

Steps to Take When Finding the Right Office Furniture

Before diving into buying new or used office furniture, businesses should do some planning.

  1. Make a List of your Needs: Consider items that are must-haves for the space. This list usually includes: reception desks, computers, fax/copy machines, printers, file storage, the number of desks you need, etc. Each office has different needs, so be sure to accommodate for yours.
  2. Draw up an Ideal Layout: Whatever the needs or the size of your space, it is a good idea to use the list of the items you need, to a draw up a plan of the layout of your space, before choosing the size and style of equipment. This will give you an idea of not only what you need, but what will fit and how it will look.
  3. Understand your Business Style: There are many choices when it comes to office furniture, so you need to know what style and feel you wish to create in the office. Office furniture should integrate your technology, brand, and promote efficiency.
  4. Think about Functionality: Don’t plan for today, plan for the business’s future and think about growth down the line. If you have staff with specific needs, such as the height of desk, you should consider this when choosing your desks. Perhaps you should opt for those that can be raised or lowered, or select standing desks as a benefit you want to offer to employees.
  5. Account for Storage and Supplies: When thinking about the right office furniture for your space, don’t forget to account for items, such as supplies, that you may need storage for. If your business handles a lot of paperwork, you are going to need somewhere to store it.

Final Step: Buying the Furniture

When it comes down to buying the office furniture, you need to be sure you select the right pieces.

  • Desks: Selecting desks for the space should include reception desks, regular desks, and if you are going to have an open office space or cubicles. Consider if the desks will fit all the equipment (monitors, supplies, etc.) that is needed daily. Also, consider the size of your computers and be sure to allow enough space on the desk so that the computer is not too close to the person using it.
  • Office Chairs: An office chair is the most important piece of office equipment because it’s where people spend the most time in the office. There are features you should be looking for when buying office chairs for your space. You should look for chairs that make it easier to do the job while not adversely affecting a person’s back or health.
  • Meeting Room and Common Space Furniture: As you are finding the right office furniture for your space, don’t forget about meeting rooms and common areas. Select furniture that makes sense for your space and accounts for the number of people you plan to be in the area at any given time. There are furniture options with built-in chargers and outlet ports that can be ideal for meeting rooms and areas where employees might need their laptops, phones, or tablets.

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