You Should Regularly Clean Your Office Chair

After carefully selecting the right office chair for you, you likely want to keep that chair as long as possible, and that means keeping it in good condition. To keep your office chair in a desirable condition, you need to keep it looking good in appearance, while also maintaining its functionality. Since office chairs are where people spend most of their time in an office, it is not uncommon for them to get dirty and acquire stains. To keep it in the best shape, you should regularly clean your office chair. We are going to review how to clean your office chair.

Some Facts Behind Your Office Chair

The average American office worker sits about 10 hours a day and works around 1,700 hours a year. That means that each year, your office chair is being used for over 15,000 hours. Sitting for extended periods of time adds stress to your body and can lead to back or other health problems; thus, it is important that you have an office chair that is best suited for you and your body.

Once you have found a chair that makes it easier to do your job while not adversely affecting your back or health, you will want to keep that chair as long as possible. Due to the long hours you are in the chair, it likely has fallen victim to the occasional spill or dirt and collected germs and dust; however, that doesn’t have to mean the end for your chair.

Tips for How to Clean Your Office Chair

Even if you haven’t caused a stain or dirt on your chair; dust, allergens, and other particles can collect over time, so you should regularly clean your office chair. It is recommended that you clean your chair at least twice a month. Below are some tips:

  • Dust:  The first step to clean your office chair is dusting the chair. You can use a duster or cloth, whatever you have handy and available. Be sure to get all areas of the chair, including the legs, adjustable areas, etc. For tight spaces, you can use a can of compressed area to blow out dust and debris.
  • Vacuum: Like dusting, you should vacuum your chair often. You can use vacuum accessories that have a brush underneath them to avoid scratching leather and upholstery. Run the vacuum over the chair’s seat, back and arms. You can also use the crevice attachment of your vacuum to get into all the hard to reach areas of the chair.
  • Soap and Water: You should wipe your chair with soap and water whenever you dust and vacuum the chair. This will help to eliminate germs and any missed or other particles left behind. Mix a few drops of dish soap with lukewarm water in either a small bowl or a spray bottle. Gently wipe all the surfaces of the chair with a cloth dipped in the mixture, or lightly spray the chair with the solution and dab it in with a cloth. Don’t get the chair too wet as it can soak through the chair’s material and could damage the chair.
  • Clean the Wheels, Arms, and Legs: Remove the wheels, arms, and legs of the chair, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the items are removed, cleaned them and under them. You may find hairs, dried food, and other gunk under these parts that could impact their functionality. Use a cloth or other method to remove the unwanted blockage.

You should regularly clean your office chair to keep it in a presentable and working condition.

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