Creating the Ultimate Conference Room

A conference room is a dedicated space, typically in an office, for events such as conference calls and meetings. Due to COVID-19, it has likely been awhile since many people have seen a conference room, but as people start to head back to the office, conference rooms will once again become a main focal point of your space. When it comes to the conference room, many offices overlook the value and importance of setting the space up right for your business. Should attendees face the front? Do people need access to plugs and outlets? Does your room allow for your business’s technology? There are many questions you should ask when creating the ultimate conference room for your business.

Below we review some tips that should help you when you are designing a conference room for your office.

Why is an effective conference room important?

If you have a meeting room that is uncomfortable, awkward, or ill-equipped, it can detract from employee’s ability to get work done. This can cause meetings to be delayed, inattentive employees, and an overall noneffective meeting. A conference room or meeting area that’s comfortable, stylish, and fully operational will help your organization to communicate better and build relationships. It can also lead to attracting clients or closing deals.

What should you consider when creating the ultimate conference room?

To create a conference room that not only allows for successful and effective meetings, but makes your office stand out, you should consider a few things.

  • Location: As with all components of your office space, location is key. Location and design of your office space can increase productivity and reduce stress in the workplace. You should find an area for your conference room that is centrally located and someplace that is not near a noisy area (avoid being close to a lunch or break room, the front desk, etc.). Find a space that allows for enough room for the amount of people that you intend to regularly have meetings in the room.
  • Lighting: Lighting can greatly impact your conference room. If people will be presenting and showing things on a screen, you should opt for dimmable lighting. If there are windows in your space, you will want to add blinds or shades to block out the glare of the sun during presentations and from people’s eyes. Lighting that is too bright can outshine a presentation and lighting that is too dim can create issues with people seeing their notes and staying attentive.
  • Table Configuration: When you are deciding on the ideal table configuration for your conference area, you should not only consider the number of people the space needs to accommodate, but the overall use of the space. Different styles of meetings require different types of setups, so having a table configuration that can be easily rearranged per meeting needs, may be the best option.
  • Technology: It may seem obvious, but when creating the ultimate conference room, you must consider what technology you will need in the space. Think of all items including speakers, plugs, Internet access, screens, projectors, telephones, smart boards, televisions, etc. A conference room that is designed with all the needed items upfront will save you time in the long run.
  • Décor: Lastly, like all aspects of your office space, your meeting area should reflect the décor of the rest of your office. Select office furniture and decorations that match your brand and flow of your organization. If you work in a more conservative environment, keep the conference space elegant and crisp. If you work in a creative environment, add some unique flare to the space.

When creating the ultimate conference room for your space, you need to consider your organization and it’s needs and the space you have available.

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