What Plants Make Great Office Plants?

We spend a lot of our days and weeks in the office working. Whether you are working from home or in a physical office space, adding some greenery to your area can liven up the space and add a feeling of outdoors to the indoors. Office spaces vary tremendously: some people are stuck in an office without windows, some have a lot of sunlight, others are dark and unlit, amongst whatever other office setup you may have (we have seen them all). We are going to review what plants make great office plants for all different types of workspaces.

What Plants Make Great Office Plants?

Below we review some tolerant, hard-to-kill plants that can survive with little sunlight, water and overall care, making them great office plants. Low maintenance plants mean you won’t have to stress about caring for them during busy seasons or when you take some time away from the office.

  1. Snake Plant: Snake plants are one of the more resilient plants you can buy. This plant grows to be hardy but doesn’t need much water or sunlight to grow. You typically only need to water a snake plant every other week or so.
  2. Cacti: These little plants can make great office plants. They thrive in natural lighting and need to be watered once a week in the sunnier months and only every three weeks during the darker seasons.
  3. ZZ Plants: A ZZ plant, with its wide, attractive, dark green leaves, possesses many favorable traits for offices. ZZ plants allow neglect, are drought tolerant, and accept low-light conditions well.
  4. Aloe Vera: Not only can an aloe vera add some light and freshness to your office space, it has many health benefits. This plant should be placed somewhere where it receives sunlight. It only needs watered every two to three weeks.
  5. Spider Plant: Spider plants prefer indirect light, so they thrive in dark windowless environments. They need watered more frequently than some of the other office plants, we reviewed, at least three times a week.
  6. Bamboo: Bamboo is known as the “lucky” plant, and who couldn’t use some added luck in their daily lives? This plant needs minimal light and watering and makes for a great office plant.
  7. Peace Lily: These plants are beautiful to look at and have air-purifying properties that will really make an impact at work. Keep it out of bright, direct sunlight, but make sure it is still placed in a well-lit area. Water it weekly and spritz the leaves on occasion, especially during the hot summer months.
  8. Bird’s Nest Fern: The bird’s nest fern can help you create a tropical vibe while you work. Who doesn’t want that? This plant is easy to care for and prefers indirect low light and only needs watered every other week.

There are many plants that you can add to your office space to help brighten up your space and potentially generate some other added benefits. Above, we have only reviewed a few plants that make great office plants, but depending on your exact environment, you may have other options.

When designing and creating your office space, the possibilities are endless. Plants are just one way to give your workspace a sense of identity.

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