How to Select the Right Reception Desk for your Workplace

The reception desk in your workplace is usually the first item customers, prospective employees, and any visitor sees when they come your office space. The reception area can be the difference between you making a good first impression or not. Does your reception desk welcome guests? Does it set the stage for the “Wow” factor? Is it uninviting, disorganized and messy? It is important that your office has a reception desk that sets the right tone for your business. We are going to review how to select the right reception desk for your workplace.

Tips for How to Select the Right Reception Desk for your Workplace

Your reception area is the face of your workplace and it should create a feeling of trust, professionalism, energy, and success. Choosing the right office reception furniture is about more than just appearance; there are several things that should be considered to maximize your space and make the largest impact on your guests.


You should select a reception desk that fits the space. If you have a small space, get a small desk. If you have a large space, get a large desk. The reception desk should look like it is meant to be in the location you have it. If you have high ceilings, you may want something a little taller, but with lower ceilings, you may want something not so bulky.

Before selecting a reception desk, know how many people will be using the space. If you have multiple receptionists, you may need a bigger work area. Make sure that you allow enough space around the desk to not interrupt regular traffic flow and entrances and exits.

Style and Design:

To select the right reception desk for your workplace you need to find one that fits the style and practicality of your office. Think about how your desk will fit in with the decor of the space around it and the nature of your business. The reception area should express your business’s values and look like it belongs.

Different types of businesses require different styles of reception desks. You likely will not find the same reception desk in a spa or hair salon as you find in an accounting office or doctor’s office.


The right reception desk should increase the efficiency of your organization. By having the proper amount of storage space at the reception desk, you will create a more professional, neat and tidy presentation. You should select a reception desk that allows you the storage space you need for your business.

If your office space lacks storage options or the reception area will be used for lots of sorting and storing, select a desk that is designed to allow for the extra storage. You can find a desk with shelves, built in filing cabinets, etc. If there is little to no paperwork in your workplace, you may select a desk that has limited shelving and filing space.

Surface Area:

The best reception desk for your workplace should allow plenty of surface area for both receptionists and visitors, if needed. If you plan to display signage, advertisements or decor on your reception desk, make sure there is ample space for that. You will also want to ensure that there is enough remaining space for interactions between guests and the receptionist.

Consider productivity when determining how much surface space you need. If the reception area will be used to put binders, presentations, or other documents together, you will likely need a desk with extra surface space.


If your reception area will have secure information and privacy may be needed, be sure to account for that when selecting the right reception desk. If the receptionist will be working on secured information, the desk should allow them to keep the information private. You may select a desk with higher counters and where screens can not be seen unless from behind the desk.

Also, consider if your receptionist should be left undisturbed for periods of time. If so, you will want to find a desk that allows for areas of uninterrupted work.

To wrap it up

It is important to select the right reception desk for your workplace. All businesses and workspaces are different, so you should consider the physical space as well as functionality when choosing a reception desk.

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Selecting the right reception desk could make your office really stand out. Check out our reception desk options online or stop by one of our 2 locations today.