Office Storage | What is a Credenza?

Selecting the right storage furniture for your home or business is key to the organization. There are many options when it comes to office storage and it is important to understand each option and know what your style and needs are. Office storage is just as essential as finding the right office chair and selecting the best desks for your business. Today we are going to review one piece of office furniture that people often don’t know much about, the credenza. We are going to review what a credenza is, some common uses, and look into a bit of its origin.

What is a credenza?

A credenza, or sometimes called a credenza desk, can be a type of desk. In an office setting, credenzas are typically used for extra storage as well as an open work surface for paperwork, filing, or other tasks taking up more room than would be practical at the main desk. A credenza provides storage and work surface space.

As with all office furniture, credenzas come in many different sizes, styles, and with multiple purposes. Some credenzas have built-in desk space, while others just provide storage with a top surface area. Credenzas usually feature a variety of shelves and cubbies, which can add some extra storage space to your office.

What are some common uses for a credenza?

Office storage that can provide you with multiple uses is ideal for any office. This allows you to not only store, organize, and protect information, but also to use your office furniture for other things, which maximizes your space.

Credenzas are usually found in office conference rooms, executive offices, or common areas, and can be used for sorting, displaying information, storage, or whatever other purpose you want to use the furniture for. A credenza is used as a secondary workspace for storing and organizing papers and other items.

This piece of furniture provides a flat workable surface, as well as likely containing cabinets, shelves, drawers, and filing area. This additional workspace can be an extremely handy way for people to spread out papers and materials they would otherwise not have room for on their desks. A credenza also creates an accessible storage area to help to keep the workspace organized.

Where did credenzas come from?

Credenzas are not just a piece of office furniture used for office storage, people also use credenzas throughout their homes and for daily use. Originally, credenzas main uses were to display food and as decorative pieces of furniture in homes. The origin of credenzas goes back to 14th century Italy when they featured architecturally interesting columns and decorations.

Credenzas have evolved, and today, they come in a variety of styles and aren’t limited to just being used as decorative pieces. They are commonly used in offices as an important piece of office storage and throughout homes as additional storage and surface areas.

Where can I find a credenza for my office?

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