How to Stay Organized | Desk Organization Ideas

When it comes to your workspace, your desk is one of your most important pieces of furniture. It’s the space where you actually work. Having clutter, being unorganized, or simply having a lack of working space, can lead to less productivity and more stress. An organized desk isn’t just about the aesthetic, it’s also about function. We are going to review some desk organization ideas to help you make the most of your desk space.

Desk Organization Ideas

We understand that not everyone has the same amount of desk space or even space for a desk, so it is important to utilize the space you have in the most efficient way. This will allow you to stay organized and focus on work, not the knick-knacks, piles of paper, or other items that may be getting in your way.

  • Add a Shelf Over Your Desk: By adding a shelf, you can expand your work area. You can use the additional space for your decor or for work related items.
  • Utilize the Space Under Your Desk: There is typically extra room under a desk that can be used to house something like a small file cabinet to allow you to store and organize materials. Use the space.
  • Organize Your Supplies: Get creative with organization of your office supplies. You can use store bought desk organizers, mason jars, silverware utensil organizers, etc. There are so many items that you likely have laying around that you can repurpose as a desk organizer.
  • Add a Cork board or Whiteboard: A cork board can be a great place to keep important reminders and your calendar, clearing the top of your desk of such items. A whiteboard can serve as a notepad filled with ideas and plans. Both can allow you a space for a working “to-do list” that is not in your way on your desk.
  • Mix Supplies with Decor: Why not turn your office supplies into something visually appealing so they can serve a dual purpose? With a pegboard backdrop, you can customize your office to store supplies, hang decorations, or a mix of both. You can even attach wire baskets, shelves, and cup holders to the pegboard to use for storage of supplies.
  • Use a Laptop or Monitor Riser: By having your computer and/or the monitors off the top of your desk space, you create additional usable space below them.
  • Create or Use a Keyboard Tray: If you have a keyboard, it can take up some of your valuable desk space. You should try to move the keyboard off your desk and to a tray that pulls out from below. Yellow Brick Home provides a tutorial for creating your own DIY keyboard tray.
  • Keep Lighting off Your Desk: If you have a lamp on your desk, you are taking up space. Instead of a desk lamp, use a floor lamp.
  • Limit Cords: It’s hard to avoid cords in an office setting, as your devices’ need electricity to function, but you can eliminate the clutter of cords. Try to keep your cords off your desk space, as much as possible. You can use a box to organize them behind your desk, buy a desk with a cord entry hole, etc.  
  • Use a Cart for Extra Storage: Rolling carts are a great solution to give you extra desk space that is not permanent. Use a cart with shelves and baskets so you can store items without them taking up your work area.

Organizing your desk and making the most of the space can be a fun project to take on. While we have reviewed some desk organization ideas, the possibilities are endless. Get creative, but most importantly, get organized. Before you can organize your desk, you must find a desk that is right for you and your space.

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