Fall Decorating Ideas for the Office

As fall settles upon us in Northeast Ohio, it is hard to look anywhere without seeing some type of autumn decor. While you may be sad to see summer come to an end, embracing fall is something that companies can do to keep morale up and set the mood for the brisk air ahead. Decorating your office with autumn decor is a great way to make your staff excited, stay motivated, and to spread a sense of cheer throughout the office. We are going to review some fall decorating ideas for the office.

Does Seasonal Office Decor Increase Morale and Motivation?

An office environment can sometimes be unstimulating, as employees spend most of their day there, resulting in office morale steadily dropping as the day progresses and stress in the workplace increasing. When morale in the office is at a low and stress levels are high, you are guaranteed a slower workforce, fatigued wandering minds and in general feelings of boredom. It has been found that 30% of employees are so stressed that it interferes with their work, making them less productive and impactful.

Seasonal office decorations can boost employee spirit, focus, and act as silent reminders to employees of events to look forward to throughout the year. 85% of employees say that seasonal decor has a positive impact on their mood at work. In addition, 90% of office managers and business owners report that festive seasonal decor boosts employee well-being. This will encourage a much happier workforce and is great for the office dynamic.

What are Some Fall Decorating Ideas for the Office?

Since seasonal decor can impact employee’s moods and productivity, decorating this autumn can make all the difference. You don’t have to spend a fortune or put in a lot of time and effort to generate a sense of the season. Let’s review some easy fall decorating ideas for the office.

  • Candy and Treats: Perhaps the easiest thing you can do to set the mood for fall throughout the office, is have bowls of seasonal candy and/or treats. Not only will the treats help to satisfy employees’ sweets cravings, but they also give an easy accented touch of the season.
  • Autumn-Themed Images: If you have television screens throughout your office space, or even shared computer monitors in common areas like a conference room, change the background image to something the resembles the season. This is easy and requires little to no expense.
  • Desk Decorations: One simple fall decorating idea is placing a pumpkin or some other fall related decor on your desk. While keeping your desk clutter free is important to desk organization, a simple small autumn-themed piece of decor, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your work, is okay.
  • Coffee Mugs: When the leaves start falling, changing your coffee mug to something seasonally themed is an easy way to set the tone for the season. Most people carry their mug around the office space, so it doesn’t just add the fall vibe to your desk area, it goes everywhere you go.
  • Decorations: It may seem obvious, but if you really want to set the tone for the season, you can decorate with leaves, pumpkins, apples, footballs, etc. throughout the office. Maybe even host an office decorating contest of some sort to allow employees to get creative and really get in the mood.

Finding the right office furniture for your office space is key to the mood and functionality of the office. Office decor can prove to also be important when it comes to employee morale and motivation.

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