Tips to Help you Prepare for Moving Your Office

Regardless of why you are relocating your office, the move can be both stressful and exciting. A new office space gives you the opportunity to create a new workspace and the ability to check items off your office wish list. When it comes to moving your office, and all of the office furniture associated with that move, you should be prepared. We are going to review tips to help you prepare for moving your office.

When relocating your office, whether a home office or much larger physical office, there are things you should consider before the move. Being prepared for your office move will help keep the relocation on track and alleviate some of the stress.

  1. Have a Timeline: While your timeline may be dictated by a current lease or other external factors, you should try your best to develop a timeline for the move. The timing should be planned around important dates in your business calendar. If you have a busy season, it may be best to avoid moving dates around that time of the year.
  2. Design the New Space: You should know your new space and be aware of how you can best use the space to increase productivity, decrease workplace stress, and keep it organized and secure. Think about what types of outlets are needed, desk placement, office furniture accessories, art work for the space, conference room design, the ideal breakout space, amongst so many other things. This is the time to create an office space that makes an overall successful work environment.
  3. Discard Unneeded Items: If you have office furniture and other items that are not used or will not make sense in your new office, you should not take them with you on the move. Before relocating, it is recommended to get rid of the office clutter that has no functional use in the new office.
  4. Inventory Current Office: If you are moving to a new office because you are expecting to expand or even decrease the amount of people in the space, you should have an inventory of the items you have in your current space. This may be the time to add additional desks and office chairs to your inventory, or even the time to purchase all new office furniture. To help prepare for the new space, you need to ensure you have enough office furniture for all employees and uses.
  5. Communicate the Move: If moving a physical office, you should notify employees, customers, vendors, and any other people who you interact with in a work capacity, of the move. This should be communicated in advance of the move, during the relocation, and after the move is complete. Keep everyone informed so there is no confusion.
  6. Prep Furniture and Other Office Equipment: Your office furniture may include pieces that you can not live without, so ensure they are protected for the move. If you are hiring a professional moving company, make sure they take care of your items as you would. Keep furniture and other office equipment organized. This will help to simplify the unpacking and reduce some stress.

While we have reviewed some tips to help you prepare for moving your office, every office is different, so plan accordingly for your specific office relocation.

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