Cubicle Accessories | Holiday Wish List Must Haves

It’s here, one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, and that means, if you haven’t already, you should have your holiday wish list created to ensure you get all of the items you need and want this holiday season.   If you work in a cubicle, adding a bit of personality to your space can make a difference in the New Year and beyond. We dig in and unwrap some of the hottest cubicle accessory items below.

Cubicle Accessories that Should be on Your Wish List

There were over 174 million US shoppers during the weekend from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday in 2020. This weekend is historically a major shopping weekend across the country and there is no better time than now to either buy your own cubicle accessories or add them to your list so someone else can surprise you with them. Let’s review some cubicle accessories that you need to add to your office space.

  • Personalized Sticky Notes: While sticky notes are commonly found throughout an office, how many people have their very own personalized version of these fun little things? Custom sticky notes can be an enjoyable and useful tool in every office. Whether you are the one using them, or you are a manager gifting them to employees, these little things can make a big impact.
  • Dry Erase and/or Whiteboard: If you don’t have a whiteboard in your space, and your organization will allow you to add one, you should. Using a whiteboard in your office space can make a difference. A Microsoft study of whiteboard use in the workplace revealed that whiteboards help people arrange information visually, leading to better brainstorming and organization. Whiteboards provide an output for anything from complex process reviews to “to-do-list” to quickly be written and revised.
  • Plants and Cubicle Gardens: Adding some greenery to your area can liven up the space and add a feeling of outdoors to the indoors. Office plants are great additions to any cubicle since you spend so much time confined to the space. Consider establishing a designated cubicle wall garden. Research has shown that plants can promote productivity and improve morale in the workplace. A handy garden that attaches the walls of your cubicle is one of the best options when you have limited space… and it looks neat.
  • Digital Photo Frame: Keeping your favorite photos displayed in your workspace can help to personalize it, and motivate you throughout the day. A digital photo frame is a great way to do this, as you can update it and change it easily, and you can usually add as many or as little photos as you would like.
  • Office Chair Mat: Chair mats are a piece of office furniture that you should not do without, but are often overlooked. Chair mats help you move around your space easier, protect the flooring, and can be beneficial to your health. If you don’t already have an office chair mat, this is a cubicle accessory that you cannot do without going forward.

There are so many cubicle accessories that you can add to your office space, the above are just a few. The possibilities are really endless and each person should put their own spin on their space to fit their personality.

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