Electrostatic Painting can give your office an updated look without paying the high costs of buying new.

Are you looking to give your home or office an updated look but don’t want to pay the high costs associated with buying new furniture? Not only are you saving money with electrostatic painting but you are also diverting furniture from the solid waste stream and back into the consumer market. Some common applications include file cabinets, desk, and just about anything metal. Paint is applied quickly and evenly, and dries to a smooth, hard, durable finish.

What is Electrostatic Painting?

The object to be painted is given a negative electrical charge. The paint is given a positive charge and atomized through a special revolving disc. Instead of being blown on, using compressed air, the paint is actually sucked on.

The surface to be painted attracts the paint just as a magnet attracts iron filings. The electrostatic force pulls paint around corners ensuring a smooth, even coat. We achieve what the industry calls a “wrap finish”. Items that you might consider difficult or impossible to paint can be given a “factory finish”.


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