Did you Know There are Different Sizes of Office Chairs? | Big Man’s Chair

Like all offices, the people that work in the office space are not all the same. To accommodate for varying shapes, sizes, and body types, there are different styles of office furniture suited for all types of people. Having the right office chair is one of the most important parts of any office space. Due to the importance of office chairs, there are special chairs designed for big and tall users, often referred to as a big man’s chair or a big and tall chair. We are going to review what a big man’s chair is.

Why is it Important to Find the Right Office Chair for You?

We have reviewed the importance of finding the right office chair for you before, but we wanted to provide you with a quick refresher. So why is the right office chair important?

Working in an office setting usually means spending long periods of time sitting in your office chair. Sitting for extended periods of time adds stress to your body and can lead to back or other health problems. It is important that you have an office chair that is best suited for you and your body.

When selecting an office chair, you should look for a chair that makes it easier to do your job while not adversely affecting your back or health. Important things to look for in an office chair are: adjustable height, modifiable backrest, proper lumbar support, adequate seat width and depth, suitable material and padding, intact and movable armrests, and a chair that is easy to move and swivel.

What is a Big Man’s Chair?

Since finding the right office chair for you and your body is so important, the office furniture world has created a big man’s chair, also referred to as a big and tall chair. What a big man’s chair is depends on the exact chair, but essentially, it is a chair designed specifically for people who are bigger and taller.

The standard office chair usually is geared towards people below 300lbs and 6ft tall. Everything from the dimensions of the seat and backrest, the hydraulic piston, to the cushioning, are designed to operate comfortably and safely within those parameters.

If you belong in the heavier or taller category, then selecting the right office chair isn’t just a matter of comfort, but also safety and longevity of your investment. Big and tall chairs can typically support a minimum of 350lbs, have an extra wide seat and backrest, and have thick cushioning that won’t deflate easily over time. These chairs are designed to provide a better sitting experience for those who are bigger and taller.

Where to Find a Big Man’s Chair

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