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Largest Selection of New & Pre-Owned Office Furniture in the Midwest!

Make sure you check out our INVENTORY page. We have a large selection to choose from and feature a sample of are best deals online. Browse are site and give us a call in order to get the best in new and used furniture. You do not want to let these amazing offers pass you by. So for all your furniture needs, Old & New, Office Furniture Warehouse is now just a click away.

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Pre-Owned Office Furniture

People are always looking for ways to save money. Whether you’re furnishing your home, office, or school, you know that buying new office furniture can be extremely expensive. Pre-Owned Office Furniture is a great alternative to purchasing new. Whether you’re in the city of Cleveland or Akron, you can be assured of a quality office furniture, cost-effective office furniture and most importantly, Environmentally-Conscience office furniture.

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New Office Furniture

Our New Office Furniture options feature a large selection of different styles, sizes, colors, and the latest trends. We can help keep your office looking modern and relevant. Most of are New Office Furniture is in stock and ready to deliver. This allows us to eliminate lead time for our customers. Feel free to contact us in Cleveland or Akron for all your new office furniture needs.